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 Training program, guidance and educational support 

  This program includes various activities that are directed to the training of immigrants in order to facilitate their integration and access to the labor market. These actions are carried out in collaboration with various associations and NGOs specialized and includes Spanish classes, pre-service training of character and career counseling.

  • English as a Second Language (ESL)

   Its purpose is to develop a bilingual, effective, efficient and adequate process for the population that has not have access to the education system, they can efficiently read and write in their own language and English

  •  Leadership programs  

  Social skills were enhanced during the seminars in a way that effective forms of communication and cooperation were developed. Leadership roles were adopted by the children in several scenarios which helped build their self-confidence and self-steam.

  • Educational Tours

  Each tour helps deepen your students’ understanding of other cultures, develop new perspectives on local issues and strengthen leadership skills necessary for true global citizenship, through:

Programs and Projects Norfalia Carabali Foundation


The program aims to meet the minimum requirements of quality of life for people attending the major and preventing their needs and social problems.

This is a program run by the Norfalia Carabali Foundation, aimed at responding to the training needs of the elderly.
The courses and workshops are divided into thematic sections that address various topics:

 Workshops psychophysical stimulation, led to stimulate both physical and mental activity (Yoga, Tai Chi, Dance Therapy, Therapeutic Gymnastics for over 80 years, Pilates, management and anxiety control, Memory training, Laughter Therapy and Senior Games)

Courses in health and quality of life, aimed at providing guidance on different aspects of the health of individuals allowing us to improve our well-being (rational use of medicines, Sexuality, Education for Health, Sleep, Food & Health, Cooking for Diabetics , Cooking for people with hypertension, prevention of diseases of the back), domestic skills for people living alone, proper use of appliances).